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We recognize that as a company we have a responsibility to our local community.


We believe in always prioritize local talent in our recruitment process. In providing local talent the opportunity to work in a company with cutting edge technology we believe we are raising our community’s technological capabilities. Also, we believe in having competitive salaries, flexible work hours, casual office atmosphere and a lot of freedom in the work week. We know that we are one of the few companies that provide this for our team in Cambodia, but we hope that more companies can follow this model as it shown to be a successful model for everyone involved.


We do pro-bono work often as we can, either if it is a website for an NGO, training of students or help with a charity event.
We do what we can to empower our local community. Also, what we can source for equipment and supplies locally we will always prioritize.


We have worked with the largest local computer science university, Build Bright University. We are also in the process of providing interns positions to last year students that want to get some work experience before they go into the work life. Providing work experience to students we believe will make them ready to face new challenges and the possibility to thrive in their new job.

We contacted Apulus because we wanted to make our website a bit more modern and more responsive. We are a NGO, that is doing a lot for the forgotten people of Cambodia including drug addicts. Talking to Apulus, they straight away said they would love to be a part of it and help us pro-bono. We were delighted because then the funds could go to people in need. They worked as true professionals and kept meeting our every needs. The outcome is an excellent website that we are super happy with. They are continues taking time to help us if we need some updates. I have to say I am really grateful, and I strongly recommend this social responsible company!

Evert Deschipper

CEO, Care4Cambodia

Contact us if you believe we can be of any assistance

Please get in touch if you believe we can be of any help or you are interested to have an internship with us.