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Empower yourself to do more. LiveBlox gives you the power.


They Told You, You Couldn't:

Build Software

You may have thought of a cool app or piece of software but not known how to build it. Learning to code is difficult and time consuming. The alternative, paying someone can be very costly.

Take Advantage of Cutting Edge Technology

New technology can be overwhelming, with complicated jargon and new concepts. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that lets you learn and understand technology without feeling overwhelmed.

Make Your Own Tools

Rather than relying on pre-packaged software applications fit for a specific task, would it not be great to build your own software tools for the specific jobs at hand.


We believe you can!



At the heart LiveBlox utilizes the blazingly fast “Live Engine”, this gives the incredible performance and is optimized to run on multi-core systems.


LiveBlox is flexible how you use it is up to you. We believe LiveBlox will revolutionize fields involving video, computer vision, education, science, engineering, live installations and image processing.

Easy to use

No need to be an expert. Just simply drag and drop the elements and connect them together. It is as easy as that!

Use cases

Applications and use cases

LiveBlox is flexible so how you would like to use it is up to you. We believe in the fields of video, computer vision, education, scientific & engineering, live installations and image processing is a few cases where LiveBlox will be a benefit to people.



LiveBlox will support a wide range of platforms, hardware and software’s. Currently we support platforms such as Windows, Mac Osx and Linux. We also aim to have a mobile version with the systems IOS and Android.

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