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Interactive bar

  • A camera detects the glass, hand, colour, gestures, heat or whatever you would like the camera to detect. Visuals can then be generated due to the movement or the recognition of the object.
  • Customized visuals: Visual effects could specifically be related to your brand and/or the event.
  • Can be combined with sound effects. With our own in-house developed software we can combine it with audio, live-streaming and social media.

Interactive Dance Stage

  • Cameras are linked to our own developed software LiveBlox that tracks the movement on stage. Then layers are projected to the screen which may include artwork/logos, live stream of the dancer or effects that are generated by movements.
  • Great for a musical event, as visual effects for professional dancers.
  • Movement tracking may be set up as a game to allow competition between the public.

Interactive Floor

  • Sound and/or visual effects as you walk on the floor. For example as showed on the picture above, the logo creates an effect when you walk on it.
  • Entrance for events, best performance would be where sound can be isolated.

Interactive Social Media Wall

  • Shapes/images can be selected by the audience to be projected.
  • Audience could have their images or their written messages projected onto the screen.
  • Rear projected “social media wall” that encourages interaction for “selfies” and/or group photos.


Interactive Games

  • Game that is designed to fit with a brand message (e.g. involving grabbing fruit for marketing of a fruit juice).
  • A fun alternative to “lucky draw”.


  • You map a building/wall and then you can do projections/visuals on buildings.
  • Here we can offer a new edge on it, mixing interactivity with conventional mapping.
  • Customised surfaces can be built – for example resembling your product (e.g. a giant sized can or bottle).

"Interactive technology Increases brand awareness by 48% and Visitor traffic by 33%.” (InfoTrends Study)

Why Us?

Groundbreaking Technology

We have the technology that allows us to do the latest projections/visuals that the world have seen to date, developed by international programmers.

Beneficial Partnerships

We have partnered with the right people: We are partnered with some of the leading suppliers, artists and technicians in the region.

Expertise and Experience

Experienced in organizing complex events in Cambodia and on the global scene.

Local Team with International Standards

Our team is largely based in Cambodia, making it easy for us to work with you within the South-East Asia region.

“Unaided recall increases by 55% and Purchase probability increases by 47%” (Arbitron Study)

European Credentials

Magnum Pink & Black Night Amsterdam 2015

LiveBlox amazed Amsterdam in a video promotional campaign for Magnum Ice cream, where it was used to generate visuals that were projected onto walls from a boat moving down a canal.
This involved a technique where infra-red cameras were used to capture the movement of the walls, LiveBlox then used this information to work out the transform required to project sprites (video clips) onto the wall that appeared to be static on the building even though the boat was moving. Imagine being on a boat with a projector watching a fireball stay on the same location, even though the boat was moving. The reaction from the crowd was spectacular!

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