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We provide consultation and technological solutions. We have broad experience in range of software development and consultancy.

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Our in-house experts takes pride in the products and services we offer. We always make sure that if it is an application or a piece of software we develop that it is 100% quality assured.


Our expertise helps us to see where technology can benefit your company. Our primary aim is to help you to increase efficiency, increase sales, grow your business, cut costs, create awareness, increase your market share and, if you are a business, generate more revenue.

Work with you

Our team will always work with you to tailor the application to your wants and needs. We understand that not everyone knows what technology can do for them. We can show you the possibilities and benefits of technology today or as our motto says the “Technology for tomorrow”.

Our expertise includes:

Computer Vision

Whether you want to recognize it, detect it or track it? Making machines see ( computer vision) is a new and exciting field, and is one of our core areas of expertise.

Audio & Video processing

Building systems that involve audio and video is also a key area of expertise. Our LiveEngine allows the building of a custom application for processing video and audio in a faster and more effective manner.

Real time 3D graphics

Our knowledge of 3D frameworks allows us to build simulations, games or futuristic interfaces. We also have 3D artists to build the models needed inside the application.

High performance applications

Our exported applications are very powerful yet to use. We focus on making it as simple as possible for you without sacrificing performance.

Interfacing with hardware

We have extensive experience with hardware. If your applications need to interface with a particular device, we will know how to do it.

Designing User interfaces

Within our own development platform, LiveBlox, we have incorporated a GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) builder that allows us to design attractive GUIs tailored to your specific needs.



How can technology help me?

Technology can help in many ways. For your business, it can be solutions that automate or quality assures your processes and helps you to manage outcomes; these could range from manufacturing to database entries or security measures. The beauty of technology is that the possibilities are endless.


I dont feel very comfortable with new technology, why should I learn something new if I am already doing fine?

We understand that embracing new technologies and solutions could be daunting. Therefore our team always focuses upon easy-of-use. We provide applications and solutions that are carefully tailored for you and we ensure that you are entirely comfortable with them. Training and support is always provided for both you and members of your team.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision is a fairly new technology. It has been the subject of research for many years but, more recently has been implemented as solutions. The easiest way to describe Computer Vision, is that you teach the computer to see and then take action on what it sees. Machine Vision, a part of Computer Vision, has been around for some time (i.e. used in manufacturing to detect faulty items on a conveyor belt) but Computer Vision takes this to a whole new level. For example, you can use it detect any object, such as vehicles as part of an integrated traffic management system, or faces as a part of an entry control system, or action such as a specific gesture.

Why Apulus?

That is a good question. We believe that a good business must be based upon open, honest and lasting relationships; we want to ensure that you come back, again, and again Understanding our clients needs and desires lies at the heart of this. Our expertise means that we are comfortable pushing technological boundaries in ways many established companies are not; where they offer you their pre-packaged solution, we design and build one around you, one that is affordable and comes in an easy-to-use package.


Technology for Tomorrow

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